Stadler Form TIM USB Fan.
Stadler Form TIM USB Fan - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form USA

Stadler Form TIM USB Fan

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1. Tim is flexible-Use with wall plug or USB with computer or battery pack (min 10,000mA)

2. Unique 'globe' movement for a targeted breeze

3. Perfect for desks or bedside tables

Tim is a personal table fan for use at home or work, small tables or desks, or anywhere else you need a fan and can be used with a battery pack for full mobility (runs for 24 hours at low speed with a 10,000mA USB battery pack *battery pack not included*). Tim's fan ring can be rotated to the perfect angle and his air flow is infinitely variable, from a gentle breeze to full power. Our Tim USB fan comes equipped with a wall adapter and USB cable and his base can be removed for flat packing and easy mobility.

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