Form too often is a servant to function

They are not mutually exclusive, but no one would know that from the scores of ugly products on the market. Stadler Form designers are the hands behind the products Swizz Style sells. They believe in the philosophy that form and function together are beautiful. The designers explore a wide range of form from modern lines to sensual curves.

  Matti Walker

Max and Fred are designed by the talented Swiss designer Matti Walker from Zug, Switzerland. He has been running his own studio for graphic art and design since 1991. Since his studies at the School of Heinrich Frieling, Matti has become and expert in colours, and he developed strong skills for 3 dimensional forms that are emotionally appealing.

  Carlo Borer

Born in 1961, does more studies and trainings in different areas after his matriculation. In 1981, he started his own atelier: first with drawings and paintings, later he begins to work 3 dimensionally as an object builder. Today, he builds all his objects on CAD; he first makes a suggestive form which boots the fantasy without disturbing the function. His credo is form follows fiction.