Stadler Form PAUL Heater - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form PAUL Heater - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form PAUL Heater - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form PAUL Heater - Stadler Form USA
Stadler Form USA

Stadler Form PAUL Heater

Regular price $329.99
  • Operates easily with an included remote control cleverly stored in a hidden compartment when not in use
  • Features 8 variable heat output settings from low to high and a cooling fan mode, selectable temperature in C/F
  • Ultra quiet fan allows Paul to work unnoticed even at the highest setting
  • Distributes air widely and evenly with his oscillation setting, maintaining a steady and balanced temperature
  • Paul is ultra safe compared to many other heaters on the market. He is equipped with a total of 6 overheating sensors, tip over switch and protection from the harmful effects of a humid environment, making Paul safe for use in bathrooms
  • Easy to clean by simply removing the washable air filter

Paul is a cutting-edge heater and fan, characterized by a striking yet minimalistic design reflected in his regal shape, sleek lines, and classic tones. Paul is engineered to distribute hot or cool air, making little to no sound. Simply slide your finger along the intuitive LED touch panel to set the exact temperature and output level you desire when warming or cooling your space.  Utilizing Adaptive Heat™ Technology, Paul delivers a steady, precise temperature, naturally softening the output of warm air without constantly powering on and off like many other space heaters that leaves your room with annoying fluctuating temperatures. Paul operates by creating and maintaining a constant and optimal level of comfort, all while keeping his surface cool to the touch. With 6 integrated safety sensors, Paul will keep you and your loved ones safe, warm and cozy. Designed by Swiss designer Matti Walker for Stadler Form.   



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