Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer.
Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer.
Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer.
Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer.
Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer.
Stadler Form USA

Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer

Regular price $599.99
  • 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier
  • No Filters to Replace
  • Motion-Activated Touchscreen
  • Suitable for Rooms Up to 860 Square Feet


Designed by Matti Walker for Stadler Form, the Robert is a humidifier, utilizing evaporative technology, and an air purifier, turning the water within the machine over a series of washable discs engineered to remove large particles such as dust or dander from the air. Defined by a minimalistic design reflected in his soft, rounded corners contrasted to sleek lines and classic tones, Robert makes an aesthetically pleasing statement, complementing existing decor. The black aluminum strip down Robert’s center garners visual appeal, guiding the eye towards a motion-activated touchscreen displaying three automated modes of use and a digital reading of the room’s relative humidity. When set to auto-mode, Robert intuitively monitors and measures the room’s humidity, maintaining your perfect level of moisture throughout the whole day. The result is clean, hydrated air, creating a steady and calm environment in the room of your choice.


  • Four speed levels and three automated modes for ease of use: night-mode, clean-mode, and auto-mode
  • Remove and separate the discs from within the Robert and hand wash or add to the top row of your dishwasher for easy cleaning

  • Counteracting the discomforting effects of a dry climate, such as cracked lips, dry skin, or sinus congestion, Robert efficiently humidifies a space up to 860 square feet in size using a digital hygrostat, and will automatically shut off when the 1.7-gallon water tank is empty
  • You may choose to stimulate your senses or calm your nerves with a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil (no synthetic oil, please) placed on Robert’s integrated fragrance dispenser

  • Suitable Accessories: Water Cube, Anticalc Cartridge, Zero Calc, or Stadler Form Pure Essential Oils

  • Dimensions: 12.7” W x 18.6” H x 9.3” D; Weight: 18.1 lbs.; Rated Power: 7–30 Watt

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